Facts that matter”

Our work at Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has an enormous social and economic impact.

Important policy decisions made in The Hague and Brussels are based on the independent and reliable information we provide.

Not only the public and private sectors but also individual citizens have a keen interest in the outcomes of our statistical research.

At CBS, people from various backgrounds work closely together.

Their common focus is producing research results of the very highest standard.


The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on everyday life. How is this reflected in the data?

 What was the effect of coronavirus on population growth in the Netherlands?

How large is the influx of immigrants? Are more or fewer babies being born, will we need more schools and childcare centres? Is the number of divorces going up? Is this making the housing market even tighter?


If you are interested in joining the conversation and finding out what career prospects we offer at CBS,

Come and meet us. You are more than welcome!

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