Cross Your Borders

Cross Your Borders

About us
Cross Your Borders is a youth organization that has been organizing interactive multi-day educational projects on global injustice for almost 15 years. We attend more than 250 (V) MBO, HAVO and VWO schools throughout the Netherlands every year. We also organize impressive youth trips and exciting events.

The Cross Your Borders Foundation is convinced that poverty and injustice are global problems that can only be solved if everyone in the world is committed to this. However, most Dutch young people are hardly aware of the seriousness and global nature of development issues. Not much is talked about at home and globalization is only sporadically discussed at school.

During our educational projects, we let students discover what problems are going on in the world and how they relate to each other in a playful and (inter) active way. But we also look at what we - in the Netherlands - have to do with the causes and consequences of these problems and we inspire young people to take action for a better world. The aim is not to steer students in a certain (political) direction, but to let them form their own opinion about global injustice.

What we can offer you
If you come to us for an internship, you will join an enthusiastic and pleasant youth team. You get varied tasks with a lot of responsibility. During your internship you can:

  • Organize
  • Present
  • Lead
  • Provide training
  • Accompany
  • Inform
  • Develop
  • Investigate

We will enter into discussions with you in order to come up with a tailor-made representation of your learning objectives. The internship can start any time of the year and the internship duration can be determined in consultation. Do you want to join us for a day? Call +31 6 28 78 37 81 or send an email to

Organization information
Field of study:
Sociology and Global Management of Social Issues
Participating day:
April 21, 2021
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