Gemeente Dongen

Gemeente Dongen

As a municipality, we fulfill an important role in our dynamic society. We believe that social, organizational and personal development are not separate things. We believe it is our duty to connect them.

Dongen is a municipality with 25.000 inhabitants and about 200 employees. We face the same tasks, processes and challenges as the big municipalities in the Netherlands, but with fewer people. Therefore we are in a constant search for creative, smart and innovative solutions in order to serve our inhabitants in the best possible way.

In 2019 we started working in self-organizing teams, because we believe that our employees know best how to work on their tasks and processes. We are in a constant search for improvements for our products and services. By analyzing problems back to its origin we really try to understand the cause of the case. Always aiming to create an even better fit with our inhabitants, entrepreneurs and visitors. Our organization is operating at full speed and never stops progressing. All of this takes place in a political environment in which different interests may pose many different challenges.

We are constantly looking for new ambitious colleagues who support the values we stand for. The municipality of Dongen will give you the opportunity to apply your theoretical expertise on practical cases such as projects and processes. You will be given a lot of freedom and responsibilities, and you will join a friendly team where everyone is willing and able to help each other. In our organization you really contribute to society!

We are looking forward to meeting you at our presentation and/or workshop. Hope to see you then!

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Human Resource Management, Psychology and Organization Studies
Presentation + Workshop
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April 19, 2021
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