Gemeente Tilburg

Gemeente Tilburg

The municipality of Tilburg: 2000 professionals and an annual budget of 985 million euros. Therefore a big organization, with elaborate duties and all challenges that belong to a big municipality. Also an organization, which is moving and is connecting more and more to initiatives, ideas and energy in the society. With a clear goal: to make sure, together with inhabitants and companies, that people in Tilburg can be happy and healthy now and in the future. Connecting, decisive and renewing; Typical Tilburg.

The municipality of Tilburg has been declared to be the best government organization of the Netherlands. We invest in the city: Tilburg is “booming”. More and more cool places will arise. For example in the inner city, around the Piushaven and in the Spoorzone. We also invest in the organization. We offer space for new talent and there are many possibilities to develop yourselves within an environment which dares to innovate. At Gemeente Tilburg you can work under circumstances which suit you. Next to that we will look together to what you think is important and what suits you.

Students of social studies will be a great asset for us. We have several functions relating to policy, advising and strategy distributed over all our departments. Within those functions we are working on social issues concerning living, culture, education, sport and Tilburg as a student city.

On may 12 we would like to meet with students of all social studies. In our company presentation we will tell you more about Tilburg as municipality and especially as employer. After that we will provide a workshop in with we will, together with you, look at a practical case and to look whether you got interesting, innovatieve insights and ideas for this. Hopefully we will see you there!

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May 12, 2020
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