When it comes to living together, every opinion or preference is relevant. Het PON / Telos takes note of opinions and preferences from society with people themselves and in close collaboration with those people. We examine those preferences and opinions, we analyze them and interpret them. With stimulating approaches and innovative methodologies. We connect emotions to facts, we link knowledge to experience. We make connections that nobody sees at first sight. And sometimes we disrupt.

We often use our results and insights to advise policy makers and administrators. Whether they work at a municipality, province or healthcare institution. They use this input to make informed decisions and to create administrative renewal. In this way they can give a positive impulse to the society of tomorrow.

Het PON / Telos is a partner of Tilburg University and as a knowledge center it makes development socially manageable. They do this in the area of ​​all kinds of themes, including sustainability, culture, labor participation, energy transition, migration, citizen participation, etc. The emphasis is on the design, layout and monitoring of (sustainable) development processes. Het PON / Telos does this in collaboration with social partners, in open innovation processes.

During the SCT we organize an interactive, educational workshop based on a current case about Brabant. Through a serious game we will gladly look for the more deeper insights. We think about questions such as "what can people do themselves?" And "which facilities are needed". Think and play along, and make your contribution to make Brabant even more beautiful!

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April 21, 2021
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