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Municipalities face the major challenge of solving social problems. In which the goodwill and intentions regularly outweigh the intractability of daily practice. Nautus breaks that status quo. And gets people moving.

From the needs and wishes of residents, to the sometimes conflicting interests of politics, and the workload of municipal specialists: change assignments require a thorough approach. We go for impact. With municipalities and in society. Taking responsibility is a condition here. It creates the space to translate ambitions, vistas and abstractions into concrete and feasible plans. This gives us energy. With which we stir up the fire of others.

We can only do this by working closely with municipal professionals. The people who ultimately have to do it. In this way we develop a workable solution that matches the reality of everyday life. That is good for the organization and society.

How much responsibility do you want to have?

Working at Nautus means constantly developing yourself in a mobile environment. In which you manage yourself on results. This gives you the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to society. Every day, over and over.

Actually, it is as if you regularly start a new job with us. The challenges that you get in front of you at different municipalities are always slightly different. Your responsibility? It is always the same: very large.

From the first day on, you get the trust of the rest of the team and your clients. As a starting advisor, our experienced advisors coach you on content and on your development as a professional. If this all sounds very exciting, that's right. Not everyone is suitable to work with us.

Do you dare?

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