Nolost is the market leader in people-centricity. As a high-end research and consultancy firm, we increase happiness, health and engagement in the workplace. This makes Nolost the strategic partner of people-oriented organizations.

Our mission

Together with our People Partners (the people-oriented term for our customers), our mission is to unleash the human revolution.
In this day and age organizations tend to be result-driven and lose track of their most valuable asset; their people.
We believe that by investing in your employees, results will follow automatically. Because people who feel good, perform better.

What we do

We are an energetic, passionate and personal team of analysts and consultants that are able to bridge the gap between what science knows and what organizations do. We analyze organizational behavior and data to deploy the right interventions in order to increase the employability and engagement of people in organizations.
We are convinced that, by understanding and stimulating desired behavior of managers and employees, any organization can solve its human resource challenges in a sustainable way.

Join the human revolution!

During our sessions we would like to take you on our journey to unleash the human revolution. What challenges do we face together with our People Partners?
What methods can be implemented to become a more people-focused organization? And what is the importance of emotional connection?

Organizational challenges often revolve around leadership and culture. We’ll show you what our leadership and culture programs look like and let
you experience first hand how these create a positive impact on people in organizations.

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Company presentation: Nolost
April 20, 2022
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Workshop: Nolost
April 20, 2022
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