PAO Psychologie

PAO Psychologie

What does PAO do and what do we have students to offer?
PAO Psychologie specializes in education for psychologists, pedagogues and other professionals that work in the sector of care and education from Universities (of Applied Sciences).

After you complete your study, you are not finished with learning. You want to develop yourself further and perhaps obtain a postgraduate registration, such as Registered Psychologist NIP, Cognitive behavioral therapist VGCt or SKJ professional. At PAO Psychologie you can follow accredited training and studies on behavioral scientific themes and professional skills.

In our education, we include current societal developments and innovative ways of teaching. Besides providing standard and extended courses, we offer webinars and online training as well. We highly value personal contact. Therefore, we offer non-binding (and free) study advice. Do you want to obtain a (re)registration, but you do now know how? Do you hesitate whether a course or an additional trajectory suits you? We are happy to think along.

What will we do during the workshop?
You have almost graduated and possess a lot of knowledge. At PAO we notice that starters often struggle in translating that knowledge towards their (future) workplace. In your future work situation there is often a lot of pressure. How do you ensure that your substantive advice will be received? How do you ensure that you will not feel responsible for everything? And how do you stay healthy yourself? 

In this workshop you will look ahead towards your future workplace with PAO. You will be introduced to professional skills that will help you in both practice and throughout your career. Think of skills for flexible communication, coaching based on content and dealing with resistance.

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April 19, 2021
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