PSION stands for Psychische Interventies en Ondersteuning Nederland (Psychological Interventions and Support Netherlands). We help organizations and their employees with prevention and the approach of psychological complaints. 


Absenteeism as a result of psychological complaints is still increasing, with all of the accompanying consequences. It is burdensome when you feel out of balance, receive no understanding and are not able to be productive. PSION advises and gives support with prevention and concrete activating solutions. 


In this case it is not about giving out labels, but about centralizing the person with all their hardships and (temporary) constraints. Doing work is important here. Being active helps! Practice has proven this time and time again. It is an important condition for continuous recovery. Through the direct approach, the employee quickly sees and feels how the complaints emerge and how he or she can tackle them. That gives support, guidance and energy. 


PSION is also active in the preventive area: through coaching, workshops and training we make employees and executives more alert of psychological complaints and we offer them guidance on how to handle these well. 


Working at PSION 

Unique personalities work at PSION.


Every one of the psychologists working at PSION have unique, original personalities. What they have in common, is their ability to cut to the core quickly; the core of the problem or problems which the employee who they are talking to is experiencing. Because that is what the employer has to start with, so that he or she will start to feel better, and can start completely or partially working again. 


Are you this original personality? And do you want with your masters degree in Psychology to start helping people get back to work with your expertise and solutions? Or do you find another one of our functions interesting? Send us a message or apply directly with a strong pitch. We would love to hear from you. 


Good to know: at PSION we do not work with labels or protocols, we think in solutions. Often original, sometimes unorthodox. Always individual, positive, proactive and focused on tangible results. Because everyone benefits the most from that. Both the employee and employer. Family and direct colleagues. Everyone improves from this approach. 


We are always looking for new colleagues for our team. Check out our vacancies whether there is a fitting function, or fill out our open application form. 

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