We think that the psychological support in the Netherlands should be different, namely: focus on humans! We help organizations and their employees with preventing and tackling psychological complaints. For us, it is not about the theories, diagnoses and protocols, but about finding a solution that actually works. We aim maximally for our own responsibility and opportunities for positive change. Because we believe that work in general contributes to a faster recovery!

To be able to practice our vision, you need guts. And that is what PSION-psychologists have: they all have the ability to get to the heart of what they are doing and to think in possibilities and solutions.

PSION traineeship

Do you also think that psychological support in the Netherlands should be different, focused on humans, without giving labels and sticking to medical diagnoses for too long? Then it seems like you will be a great fit to PSION! 

A real PSION-psychologist is not easy to become. That is why we offer (almost) graduated psychologists a unique chance to develop themselves as a psychologist who makes the difference in the workplace: a PSION-traineeship!

Just do!

We are convinced that the best way to learn our vision and particular process is by ‘just doing’ it. Therefore, this is the focus of our traineeship. In other words: instantly applying the knowledge you have in the workplace under the guidance of one of our experienced psychologists. We pay attention to you and your desire to grow. Every human is unique and has its own way to learn; that is why we do not only offer group-training, but customized training as well.

During the traineeship we invest in a beautiful future, together. When you complete the traineeship successfully, you are ensured of a permanent position within PSION. 

Part of paraDIGMA group

PSION is part of the paraDIGMA group: an innovative and quickly growing group of cooperating companies with expertise on all parts of Sustainable Employability. 

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