Quintop is an independent consultancy organization that is specialized in HR consultancy, HR project management and interim HR services. Quintop's professionals have a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge in and around the HR domain. Quintop consultants serve our national and international clients with great passion and empathy. Our consultants take a pragmatic no-nonsense approach, have a realistic view of things and a proactive attitude. In 2021, Consultancy.com ranked Quintop as a 'top 5 HR consultancy organization'.

Quintop has been a professional partner for organizations since 1997 in solving various HR and organizational issues. Quintop is an independent HR consultancy that specializes in HR Consultancy, HR Project Management and Interim HR services. Quintop's professionals have a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge in and around the HR Domain. Quintop consultants serve our national and international clients with great passion and empathy. Customers choose Quintop because of its pragmatic no-nonsense approach, a realistic view of matters and a pro-active attitude. Quintop was named the top5 HR Consultancy organization by Consultancy.nl in 2021, which means Quintop has definitively established itself as an HR Consultancy.

Agile (HR) transformation
At Quintop, we believe in the power of agile working. For us, agile is a mindset, not a standalone methodology. We therefore help organizations to be agile instead of doing agile, which stimulates the chance of sustainable success. We mainly help non-IT parts of organizations to implement the power of agile working where possible. We have now successfully carried out agile transformations at NIBC, Nationale Hypotheek Garantie and Nationale Nederlanden. We help Schiphol with various teams and have carried out an evaluation of the agile transformation at ING. What makes our approach a success? Especially the customization and the attention for the actual change in behaviour.

Conditions of employment advice
Conditions of employment good, simple and with little hassle, modernize or harmonize in good consultation. And at the same time ensure support for the desired changes. That is what many organizations want. This is possible with our approach. We are modernizing and harmonizing collective labor agreements, employment conditions and remuneration systems. We design tools for this, such as this employment conditions survey (demo), but also inventive, simple and effective solutions that are supported by support.

Digital HR transformation
We guide customers during the entire end-to-end digital HR transformation and the resulting business case, the optimization of HR processes, selection and implementation of HR technology and project and change management during the transformation. Our strength lies in thinking based on the needs of the organization. From strategy formation to the implementation of solutions, we put ourselves in the shoes of the customer. We are system and supplier independent. At Quintop, it is about creating the desired HR organization that is optimally supported by appropriate technology, whereby the full potential of this technology is used and the digital HR transformation is successful.

HR project management

In today's time, change is a constant and that also applies to the services of HR departments. The continuous development of HR services requires solid knowledge and skills in HR project management to achieve sustainable results. Is your team, in addition to the day-to-day service, also busy managing substantive innovations, organizational development or system optimisation? Do you lack expertise in project management within your own organization? Quintop's project managers and project management officers (PMO'ers) offer a solution!

People analytics

We guide clients in realizing a data-driven HR strategy through analytics. We do this from design to implementation. In doing so, we first focus on the maturity of the organization on the following points, which are of great importance for a successful process.

1. Laws, regulations and privacy

2. Standardization of data definitions and quality (master data management)

3. HR-IT Landscape

4. Top management support

5. Skills and Skills of HR Professionals

Based on this analysis, we will determine the direction together with the customer and draw up a plan that suits the organization. We provide tailor-made solutions, as every organization has a different start and end point in mind.

In short: we provide end-to-end support in developing and rolling out the people analytics strategy.

Reorganization advice

Quintop is an experienced reorganization consultancy. We have successfully guided many organizations through all steps in a reorganization process. From project design to employability or 'from work-to-work' support, from project management to setting up a social plan. We also support the transition and/or guide the customer and employees in the often difficult times.

Global Business Services (GBS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

After Shared Service Centers and Business Process Outsourcing have become part of the target operating model, Global Business Services is the next step for most large or medium-sized organizations.

Within Quintop we have extensive experience in implementing Global Business Services at various organizations. We supervise the preparations or carry out the services transformation. We aim for changes that really make a difference and deliver 'business value'.

Our services

• Business transformation and GBS implementation: support in designing the new GBS organization, executing the transformation/transition and change management for the organization. Think, for example, of the transformation of an HR, finance or procurement operating model.

• Outsourcing: guidance and advice in selecting the most suitable BPO provider or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner.

• GBS people strategy: to fully utilize GBS, we also assist management in developing, recruiting, retaining and deploying employees.

• Project management and support:

- Project Managers or Program Management Officers for leading the project/program and ensuring the internal project organization;

- Transition and Transformation Managers for guiding the services transformation and/or relocation of (work) activities from one location to another;

- Change Managers to inform the organization in the right way(s) and to include them in the change.

HR Operating Model: design, implementation and optimization

Within the HR world, Ulrich's HR Operating Model (also known as HR Target Operating Model) is still relevant. Due to the changing market, the emphasis has increasingly come to lie on issues such as agility, process standardization and efficiency. How are these processes set up in your organization? A clearly drawn up HR Operating Model provides insight into this.

Quintop supports organizations during the entire implementation process. Depending on the issue, Quintop guides and supports organizations with, among other things:

• HR sourcing: guidance and advice in selecting the most suitable method to roll out the HR Operating Model within the organization (in-house versus outsourcing);

• HR transformation: support in designing the new HR Operating Model, executing the transformation and providing insight into the impact on the HR Operating Model;

• Supplying PM'ers and PMO'ers for setting up and guaranteeing the internal project organization;

• The deployment of change managers to inform and involve target groups in the right way(s).

Read more about Quintop, our services and our people at www.quintop.nl

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