Silver Psychologie

Silver Psychologie

Since 2010 Silver Psychologie has grown into being a versatile office for psychological care. In our offices we offer ambulant psychological therapy for varied psychological disorders to children as well as adolescents, within the general Basic GGZ and specialized GGZ care.

Within Silver Psychologie frequently uses cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR-theory and schema therapy. Therapies are being customized, on the basis of an analysis of the causes of the disorders. Normally we do not work with protocols, but sometimes we use them (partly), when it seems appropriate. The reference point of the theory is that this theory will not take longer than possible.

We developed a unique learning trajectory for starting psychologists. We value the development of basic psychologists a lot when it comes to the learning of complex therapies. That is why we offer an intense learning trajectory / traineeship in which also an acknowledged basis- and follow-up course EMDR is being offered, and also the CGT basis course when someone operates in a well way.

Our teams characterize themselves by a collegial and informal working atmosphere and mutual involvement. We like to visit each other for advice or just for small talk. Often we organize intervision meetings, cozy drinks or other activities, work-related as well as not work-related.

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May 13, 2020
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