We as SPS-NIP (Section psychology students of the Dutch institute of psychologists) are there for psychology students and can be found at the SCT as well.
The mission of SPS-NIP is to ensure that psychology students are well aware and self-conscious about their transfer from student to professional. We are here to facilitate that transfer. We accomplish this by supporting them in obtaining a good picture of the current work field and the varying job opportunities.

How do we accomplish this?
We have several boards in municipalities, spread across the Netherlands, that organize activities and workshops that portray a realistic image of the work field. Therefore, at the SCT we will organize a mindfulness workshop! In this workshop we will do an activity on mindfulness, which is given in a practical and theoretical manner.

The foundation of this workshop forms a tool to enhance both your personal and professional development. Through this way you can distinguish yourself from thousands of other psychology students. The advantage of being a member of SPS-NIP, is that you can benefit from discounts on lectures and training courses by SPS-NIP.

As a member you have access to a platform with internships, which gives you a better overview of the internships that are available to you. Besides that, you can get personal advice from a professional coach about your resume, study trajectory and career. In addition to the mentioned examples, there are many more things that are useful for you as a student!

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April 19, 2021
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