Stichting BOOR

Stichting BOOR

Have you ever dreamed about what it is like to be a teacher?

Stichting BOOR wants to offer you the chance to explore and experience if this is your carrier path!
BOOR offers primary-, secondary- and special needs education in more than 100 schools in Rotterdam. The 'Zij-instroom traject' is a course in which you will be trained in theory and practice at the same time. You attend the Pabo (primary education teacher training) at Hogeschool Rotterdam and work in one (or more) of our schools (directly payed as a teacher). Your colleagues and coaches will support you to become the teacher you want to be. Especially in Rotterdam you can make the difference for these children!
In the presentation on the 21th of April Tamara Porras Prado (teacher and coach) and Guusje Burghoorn (coordinator of the zij-instroomtraject) will tell you more about:

 *   What it is like to be a teacher (in Rotterdam)?
 *   What is the zij-instroom?
 *   What has BOOR to offer?

This presentation will be given in Dutch, since speaking Dutch (native) is one of the admission requirements.

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April 21, 2022
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