TEN HAVE Change Management

TEN HAVE Change Management

TEN HAVE Change management is an organization consultancy firm specialized in change management. We design and realize complex changes with and for our clients. We work on better organizations with dedication and involvement. Goal-oriented, considerate and with a clear vision of our profession.

Our vision

Our ambition is to have the absolute best experts within our field. In that way, we can support our clients optimally in realizing the change they want. We map the situation and make a critical change diagnosis. We translate this diagnosis into the design of a suitable change process. In this fashion, we give substance to purposive change or thoughtful change. This is an important step between the plan and its implementation, to be able to sustainably realize the organization’s goals.

Power of change as foundation

The change competence model, which is developed by us, is central in the way we think and act. Based on scientific research, we distinguish five factors that determine the success of change. We call the combination of these five factors the ‘power of change’ and it reflects our integral vision on change.

Our expertise

Within TEN HAVE Change Management we work with a professional team of advisors on assignments in all fields, both profit and non-profit. Sometimes we guide a larger change process, in which several areas of expertise are simultaneously deployed. In other situations we are specifically asked for one or some of these areas of expertise. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Strategy
  • Strategic cooperation, mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational design
  • Governance
  • Leadership and management development
  • Behavior and culture
  • Project and program management

Will you be our new colleague?

We like to meet young talent. Are you working on your master’s degree and do you have a great affinity with change management? Then you may be able to work for us as a (graduate) intern. Once you have obtained your master's degree, you can start as a (junior) advisor. Want to know more? Join our workshop or drink a (digital) cup of coffee with us and meet one of our advisors.

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