Toekomst van Brabant

Toekomst van Brabant

Trainee program De Toekomst van Brabant
Every year in September a trainee program starts in the province of North-Brabant. A unique program where different government institutions cooperate on; big and small municipalities, a Water Authority and the province. Within these institutions trainees work on societal issues and their personal development.

Talented, young employees get the opportunity to gain experience in three different government institutions within a period of two years. Through this program, the trainees become acquainted with the various levels of government and they gain experience with various policy areas and projects.

Training & coaching
The trainees follow an intensive training program, with training that focuses on personal development, social skills and substantive training. In addition, field trips and group projects are part of the trainee program as well. A trainee is managed and supervised by a client; besides that, a trainee has a coach who guides him/her in his/her personal development.

Career prospects

When selecting for the trainee program, we are looking for candidates who will eventually be able to fulfill a higher policy or (project) management position. The trainee program is the first step towards such a position. Most of the trainees start as policy officer or project leader at the end of their trainee program.

We believe that everyone is at their best when they act on the basis of personal values ​​and talents and thus contribute to a greater good. Our mission is to help young people discover their talents and make them blossom. We achieve this by giving trainees an opportunity to work at three different government institutions in Brabant and by offering them an intensive training program aimed at personal development. In this way we help young talent find their own path and contribute to a better society.

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April 21, 2021
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