Underlined knows how important it is for companies to put customers first and give them the best customer experience nowadays. To offer this, it is very important to know everything about the customer journey(s) within the service(s) the company offers. Underlined helps companies to map these customer journeys using data, after that we give advice about how our clients can optimize their customer journeys. Through our services, companies can increase customer satisfaction and decrease aspects such as costs and churn.  

How ?

The companies we work form, mostly, already have large amounts of data. We combine these data sources and use innovative techniques, developed in various software tools as Python and R, to enrich and analyze the data. We developed our own textmining alogrithms, to provide insight in open feedback. We assign topics and emotions to the feedback. In addition we also developed a driver- and impactmodel. With the drivermodel we show which aspects influence a certain KPI, with the impactmodel we get to know how several KPI’s effect each other.

We work for leading, big companies in various branches: Telecom, energy, banking, insurance, municipalities and retail. We think it is most important that the products we develop are from high quality, flexible and very trustworthy. Underlined consists of a young team of consultants and data science experts, all with different backgrounds (social scientists, marketing specialists, econometrists and technical studies).

What will you contribute to our service provision?

We are constantly developing our products and methods, in collaboration with various departments of Universities such as TiU, VU, Neyenrode, TuE and JADS. As an intern at Underlined, you can develop a part of our product, that is directly applicable at our clients. In this way, we can guarantee scientifically substantiated products and methods.

Sounds good to you?

In short, are you looking for a challenging job or internship in the field of Customer Journey Analytics, Customer Experience Management, Social CRM and Digital Marketing? And are you at your best in an informal, innovative and results-oriented environment where you can develop yourself? Then we are looking forward meeting you at the Social Sciences Career Event 2020! You can also visit us in our office on the campus of the JADS.

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All Social Sciences Studies
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May 13, 2020
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