Undutchables Recruitment Agency is the pioneer in recruitment of international business sector personnel in the Netherlands. They help both starters and executive candidates, fluent in languages other than Dutch, to advance their careers in the Netherlands.

For over 26 years we help internationals finding a job and have guided numerous of students at various universities throughout the Netherlands.

Especially for international students we have created a training; “How to prepare for a job in the Netherlands”.

Our Recruitment Consultant will present useful guidelines, tips, do’s and don’ts on how to find and apply for a job in the Netherlands. We will guide you along the application process. This will all hopefully lead to a job offer from the company you desire. Next to this we give you some insights on the current job market and how you can utilize your transferable skills.

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Workshop: How to prepare for a job in The Netherlands
April 21, 2022
CZ 109
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