Welten contributes substantially to the improvement of the quality of the financial service. We help consumers and companies to make the right financial choices on impactful moments. We are newly financial professionals, highly educated talent educated by Welten to a professional in the financial sector. We are not scared for change and leave a permanent impact.

Through Welten you gain experience by the large banks, investment companies,pension funds, insurance companies and FinTech start-ups. While you are finding your way within the financial world, you got unlimited access to relevant educations that support you at your job. This way you get to know the branch AND yourself. What kind of companies and challenges suit you and vice versa; within that period everything will become clear. During this voyage of discovery you get support of other Weltenaren. But also from the people managers of Welten; experienced professionals that arrange the perfect tasks for you and monitor your development in the financial world. Together with Welten you will lay a foundation for the remainder of your (financial) career, just in a couple of years.  

Your development is central within Welten. We do everything to make sure that you are able to keep developing yourself within your career in a optimal way. Good knowledge is the basis for this. Of course you gain all the needed educations and trainings. But more important is your development when it comes to abilities and key competences (working together, self-management and development, connecting, improving and problem-solving ability). Our own training company Dukers & Baelemans offers a wide range of courses that support your development. As a Weltenaar you can make use of this all unlimitedly.

Impression of a traineeship at Welten:  https://magazine.welten.eu/traineeship-nfp/inhoud/

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Organization Studies
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May 12, 2020
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