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Young Colfield

At Young Colfield, your growth and discovery are most important. We offer two traineeships, one specific IT traineeship and a multi-company talent. In addition, we provide many inspiration sessions and training courses for clients and potential talents in the field of personal development, creativity and design thinking. Get things moving. We believe in that.

Talent Program

Do you have a passion for organizations, but are you still looking for which role, organization and environment suits you best? Consultant, projectmanager or communication consultant? At Young Colfield you are at the right place to discover this! In our Talent Program traineeship, you complete an average of three assignments of approximately six to eight months in a wide range of companies in two years. From startup to non-profit to corporate. In positions as project manager, junior consultant and / or business analyst. In this way you can discover which sector, function and environment suits you and where your talents and challenges lie. In addition, you will receive intensive personal guidance and an extensive training program during these two years. This includes both hard-skill training (such as Scrum Agile or Lean), and soft-skill training (such as Management Drives, Conflict Management and Personal Leadership). You go through the training program together with your team consisting of 7 other trainees, with whom you build a close bond!

In addition to the large portion of ambition that lives in our organization, we are not averse to some socializing. Our Friday afternoon drinks are often very enjoyable, we organize various activities with each other throughout the year and we go on a long weekend of skiing together each year!

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All Social Sciences Studies
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May 13, 2020
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