Company Presenatation: Capgemini
April 20, 2022
10:55 am
CZ 9

Capgemini Invent is the management consultancy brand of the Capgemini Group that combines strategy with technology, data science and creative design. Inventiveness is a central component within the operational management of multinationals and digital governments. They are constantly on the lookout for new ways to create value within their organization. Inventive thinking together with the anticipating of new developments are capabilities that will most likely guarantee success in their venture.

Our consultants sit around the table with the senior management and CxOs of these organizations and collaborate with them to invent a solution outside the normal routine. Not only do we write an advisory report, or proof of concept, but we also help our clients during the pilot phase and implementation. And if there is a digital solution, Capgemini's IT experts can join us just as easily!

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