Company Presentation: Modis
April 19, 2022
10:55 am
CZ 8

The kickstart of your career with a traineeship? Do professional training, personal development and a tailor-made program and coaching appeal to you?

 A changing world requires flexible thinkers. People who approach things a little differently. Who dare to challenge the status quo and keep looking at how things can be improved. That is why at Modis we look beyond your CV or what exactly you have studied for, we especially focus on who you are and what you want for your future. Your personal ambition, thinking style, learning ability and motivation. That's what we're going to work with. Because, if our talents believe in themselves, they can make the dream of their future come true! That is the essence of the traineeships that we develop.

 Government | Information and change management | Information Technology | Robotic Process Automation | Recruitment & Sales | Finance | Sustainability |

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