Company presentation: Nolost
April 20, 2022
12:05 pm
CZ 9

Have you always been curious about what it's like to work as a consultant in the HR field?

Nolost is the research and consulting firm that helps organizations turn their people-oriented ambitions into reality and thereby achieve sustainable results. But what does it mean to be people-oriented? And what challenges do organizations face during their journey to become more people oriented?

During our company presentation we’ll dive deeper into our mission to unleash the human revolution, what motivates us, and why this is so important. We’ll share various stories of our People Partners (the people-centered organizations we work with) and different projects we’ve done in the past. At Nolost we have an approach that’s data-driven and people focused. But what does this mean?

During our session we'll explain our services of people analytics and people management and how these support our approach.

Are you curious about our mission, what programs and interventions we offer our People Partners and what it’s like to work at Nolost?

Sign up for our company presentation and we'll see you on April 20!

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