Company Presentation: RINO Zuid
April 19, 2022
12:05 pm
CZ 8

Information about Postgraduate BIG education programs at RINO Zuid.

RINO Zuid stands for ‘Regionaal Instituut voor Nascholing en Opleiding’ in mental healthcare in the south of the Netherlands. RINO Zuid is located in Eindhoven.
RINO South provides four post-academic BIG education programs, the training to become a healthcare psychologist (Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog), clinical psychologist (Klinisch Psycholoog) , psychotherapist (Psychotherapeut) and remedial educationalist-generalist (Orthopedagoog-Generalist). BIG means ‘Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg’.

In addition to the BIG education program, RINO Zuid also offers post-graduate training for practice nurse general practitioner mental health care (POH-GGZ), continuous training courses, refresher courses, customized courses and training for professionals in mental healthcare.

Jeanette Beemster and Marieke Braun are training managers for the Healthcare Psychologist education program (GZ-psychologist) at RINO Zuid. During the 'Social Sciences Career Week' event, they will give a presentation about the four BIG education programs that RINO Zuid provides, with the primary focus on the GZ education program. They will dive into the content of these education programs and what you need to do to acquire a place in the education program. They will also indicate what the profession entails once you have graduated. Finally, also the pilot project ‘Connection Master-GZ' will be discussed.

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