Workshop: Het PON & Telos
Het PON & Telos
April 21, 2022
11:35 am
CZ 119

During the SCT we will first give a brief explanation of what Het PON & Telos does. We show the themes we work on, which methods we use and for which types of organizations we work. We then give an insight into our daily work at Het PON & Telos by interactively presenting two case studies. Below is a brief explanation of the two case studies which will be presented at the SCT.


Complicated traffic situation

A (busy) Provincial road runs through a small town. This situation creates a lot of traffic, freight traffic, reduced traffic safety and noise pollution which leads to quality of life being under debate. The busy road causes part of the inhabitants a lot of discomfort, while business owners and other stakeholders see the busy road as something positive. During the SCT, we try to come up with a solution for this case that’s supported by all parties involved. We then show you how Het PON & Telos normally addresses these types of cases. 


Sustainable Cities Benchmark

Every year Het PON & Telos publishes the Sustainable Cities Benchmark (SCB). The SCB gives municipalities and other stakeholders insight into the municipalities’ state on sustainable development. We do so by calculating sustainability scores for all Dutch municipalities. This score consists of around 135 indicators that each fall into one of three capitals: ecological, economical and socio-cultural. During the SCT we take a closer look at the sustainability scores of Tilburg and get to know the data and work that goes into this benchmark.

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