Workshop: How to get the job  
April 19, 2022
3:45 pm
CZ 116

‘How to get the job - Getting through jobinterviews and tests’

In this workshop we will discuss andpractice (digital) job interviews and psychometric tests. For job interviews, we will discuss what questions you can expect, which behaviors you’re supposedto display, and how your answers will be evaluated. For psychometric tests, we will discuss the principles behind tests and what you’re legally allowed to request. Throughout our discussions, we will have small exercises in which you will learn about yourself and the image you portray to your potential employers.

Dr.Djurre Holtrop is an assistant professor at Tilburg University’s department of Social Psychology. has worked in consulting for psychometric assessments, leading large scale online assessment projects. He completed his PhD at the VU Amsterdam studying the refinement of personality and vocational interest questionnaires. Subsequently, he worked for the University of Western Australia and Curtin University to study the recruitment, motivation, and retention of volunteers. Currently, his research focusses on personnel recruitment and selection and volunteer attraction and engagement

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