Interactive Workshop : ING
April 20, 2023
2:15 pm
WZ 203

As a Social Sciences student you probably haven’t considered working for a bank after graduation. Have you? You might believe that such a big corporate is only suitable for Economics and Finance students, who will have to suit up each day.

Nothing could be less true! Consumer behaviour is at the core of ING’s retail business and each day we try to motivate our customers to take the decisions that are in their best interest. Think of building a savings buffer, budgeting expenses, or preventing problematic debt. Those kinds of decisions contribute to, what we call, Financial Health. In order to help customers become more financially healthy, it is important to have in depth knowledge of human behaviour and as a result a Social Sciences degree is very relevant.

On April 20, we would like to give you a sneak peak of the work that we do at ING and pick your brain on how to trigger financially healthy behaviour among your peers via using our app. Around half of the youth / young adults (Gen Z) are worried about making ends meet each month. And 30% of them doesn’t feel financially secured. When in a financial stretch, people often feel ashamed, and they tend to hide instead of trying to tackle their problems.

At ING we help our Gen Z customers with their money matters and therewith prevent them from running into problematic debt. We offer money management features and launch awareness campaigns targeted at this group of customers. During the business case, we will form three subgroups, each focusing on a different behavioural challenge. How do you convince Gen Z to activate money management features? What kind of money management tips and tricks would they like to receive? And how should we approach Gen Z customers who are in a financial stretch to conquer their shame and look for help?

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